Amateurs Journey

Congrats you have started successfully, Now it’s our commitment to guide you. Keep in touch with us we will help in all the means to make gardening easy for you

Places for Gardening

You can try placing the plants at your living rooms near the windows, in your balconies, in your sit outs and many other places. Trellis bliss share some ideas on how others are doing

Plant Variety

There are options of bright light, medium light and low light plants available to do gardening. Trellis bliss helps you choose plants as per your needs

Plant Growing tips

From plants to planters Trellis bliss provides growing tips and plant caring tips to have your plants and garden healthy

Gardening Support

Trellis bliss provides instant support to manage your garden

Watch And Learn

I started gardening and it’s very interesting. I want to explore more into this world. Space is not a constraint for gardening; we can do it anywhere at home. Plants require right sunlight, water and good soil. Selecting the right plant for the right place can help plants get enough sunlight. Water requirement depends on the soil used and the plant. Understanding the nuances of gardening and doing it is a great pleasure and it’s “Trellis Bliss” duty to make it easy for you

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