Beginners Journey

There is always a start for anything. Plant growing starts here for you. We will break your jinx about the difficulty of gardening and make you feel good about doing it.

Buy a Planter you like

First step is to buy a plant container for gardening. Many options are available online. Plastic planters are the cheapest option. There are Metal planters, clay planters, cement planters.

Buy Garden Soil

Soil plays a major role in gardening and you need right soil. Ready garden soil makes you life easier and very easy to use.

Select a plant or Buy it in a good Nursery near by

Select right plant you like. Prefer to buy indoor hard to kill indoor plants initially

Watch And Learn

The best way of tasting a pudding is to eat and see. Experience gardening by just doing it. Here is the easy way to know how to transplant a plant in your garden after buying from a Nursery. There is also a simple way to start buying a “Plant Box”, unbox it and start gardening.

Recommended Products

Here are some recommended products for your quick pick.