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  • Trellis Bliss 15″ Jute Tomato Grow Bag

    Trellis Bliss 15″ Jute Tomato Grow Bag

    Trellis Bliss 15″ Jute Tomato Grow Bag | Fabric Plant Grow Bags | Natural Growbags | Tomato Grow | Vegetable Grow Bags | Set of 1| suitable For Indoor Gardening Grow bags are are especially helpful and affordable for growing plants on balconies or indoors! Grow bags are lightweight. If you are growing on your balcony or anywhere weight is an issue or will need to move the containers during the growing season, fabric pots weigh practically nothing. The grow bags are made from jute, that air-prunes roots for stronger, healthier plants. The fabric also aerates the soil, prevents heat build-up, and allows excess water to drain away. It comes with handles that are double thick and double stitched to the bag. Durable grow bags with sturdy handle straps allow easily and safely moving anywhere. Jute is a natural material. may break down over time if placed directly on soil or wet places. It is recommended that the grow bags to be placed in dry areas. Water plants on the top of the soil to avoid getting the jute too wet. Water only when the soil is completely dry. These bags will decompose with excess exposure to water. If maintained as instructed, these bags can last for 2 cultivation cycles. The decomposed bag can be used in the garden soil FEATURES: Jute grow bags will provide a stable growing environment for your plants, which keep them warm in winter and cool in the summer, premium material allow roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts plant growth This grow bag is recommended for growing Tomatoes. You can also plant cabbage, cauliflower, Corn, Okra, and your favorite indoor plants, etc Jute Grow Bags are made from durable fabric and fine sewing technology, with high permeability, environmentally friendly These 15 inches grow bags have a sturdy handle on both side, allowing you to move them easily and safely These Plant bags are Biodegradable & Environment-friendly. Our Planting Bag can be used normally for 2 cultivation cycle if maintained as per instruction Trellis Bliss is a full-service store to buy all kinds of organic gardening products online at incredible prices. You can also explore the other products on our website. WEIGHT 0.419 kg DIMENSIONS 38 × 38 × 30.5 cm

    Rs. 480.00Rs. 399.00

  • Trellis Bliss 10″ Bamboo Hanging Planter (Jute Rope Hanger)

    Trellis Bliss 10″ Bamboo Hanging Planter (Jute Rope Hanger)

    Product Description : This hanging planter is made of bamboo with a jute liner. The bamboo is woven by Indian Artisans with their generation skills to give a famboyant look. The planter comes with the liner, easy install and use Product Highlights : Trellis Bliss 10″ Bamboo Hanging Planter(Jute rope Hanger) | Bamboo pot with liner suitable for all hanging plants | Very good looking jute hanger is provided along with this planter. The hanger is sturfy and durable for a long usage. Product Speciality : Sturdy planter Plants can be changed easily Durable Ropes WEIGHT 0.358 kg DIMENSIONS 26 × 14 cm

    Rs. 1,080.00Rs. 899.00

  • Trellis Bliss 9″ Pot shape Reed Floor Planter

    Trellis Bliss 9″ Pot shape Reed Floor Planter

    Product Description : This Floor planter is made by skilled craftspeople, from high quality Reed fiber. This materials is made from plant fiber and imported as strings. Our crafts men weave the strings into a beautiful planter. Product Highlights : Trellis Bliss 9″ Pot shape Reed Floor Planter. We have incorporated a liner inside so you can plant directly and completely avoid using plastic for indoor gardening.It comes with handles on either side making it easy to carry and move around the house. The bottom is elevated with a stand – protecting your floors or flat surfaces.The shape of the planter gives a traditional and authentic Indian look. It can enhance the looks of your living room and bed room with plantsProduct Speciality : 1. Strong2. Natural Looks3. Durable WEIGHT 0.486 kg DIMENSIONS 9 × 9 × 9 cm

    Rs. 1,080.00Rs. 899.00


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