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Have you loosened the soil for your Indoor Plants?


Gardening is a continuous learning experience. Check out the video where I am using loose Garden Soil for my Indoor Plants.

Initially, I ended up killing the majority of my plants without understanding the problem/reason for it. Then I dug into the soil and found a lot of worms developing in the soil and eating the roots.

After switching to the Garden Soil Mix by Trellis bliss, I experienced a lot of differences. On keen observation over the weeks, I found my plants healthier with new vegetation every week.

Roots find it difficult to breathe when it’s clogged by water or thick soil. Hard roots find a way to grow but soft roots find it difficult. Roots need good aeration to breathe. And a soil that is loose and fluffy with good water retention along with better aeration makes a lot of difference for the plants.

Garden Soil Mix helps to drain excess water and also it’s loose and fluffy enough for roots to get the air. I found that roots are healthier in garden soil than in normal soil/sand.

This also makes gardening an easy & Wonderful hobby to do. No need to depend on Gardeners. Thanks, Trellis Bliss for bringing the concept of Garden soil for easy gardening.

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