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How Gardening can be the best hobby for little ones?

One of the common misconceptions about gardening is that it is only for the elderly. This is not true!

There are a lot of studies that show a variety of benefits of introducing gardening to the little ones. Through planting and gardening children gain important skills, enjoy and develop confidence  all while staying off the screen and with the nature

When all the senses are engaged, it will make the kids involved and create a love for gardening. Starting them early could be the way to get them interested in gardening.

The ultimate question is what are the benefits the kids will get from gardening and how does it help their development:

  • Gardening increases Responsibility – of taking care of the plant every day
  • Enhances Physical activity – requires a lot of movement
  • Creates love for nature
  • Improves Working together culture

Gardening as a hobby teaches kids to improve their

  1. Patience, focus and enhances memory
  • Kids are all about instant gratification and have a shorter attention span in this digital age. Regular garden care teaches kids patience.
  • It builds ownership and encourages them to take responsibility
  • Builds curiosity and a learning attitude
  • The constant involvement of kids in gardening builds giving-back character
  1. Responsibility as a character
  • Kids take ownership of plants and their growth that builds their leadership quality of taking responsibility for everything
  1. Alignment towards the nature
  • Constant engagement with the plants improves their love towards nature and the environment
  1. Family interaction time
  • Involvement in gardening can improve the family time with children thereby improving their bonding with the family members
  1. Reduce their anxiety and create a stress-free life
  • Engaging children in gardening helps them to enjoy and stay at present, the constant touch with plants that are very slow and steady in growth helps them to reduce their expectations and hence the anxiety

Gardening is a wonderful aid for the parents in helping them to create wonderful citizens of the future world.

Gardening can be done Indoors with limited space. And it is not really messy at all, especially with our Garden Soil Mix!

And you don’t need to be an expert to take care of a plant. Look at this little one showing us how easy it is: VIDEO