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How to transplant plants bought from Nursery?

A practical experience sharing of CEO, Trellis Horticulture International

This is a very important step to start gardening. I have learned it with a lot of experiments. Here in this video, I want to share how you can replant your plants effectively through sharing my journey.

Gardeners always like to check varieties of plants and buy plants from Nurseries nearby. Buying plants is a very interesting step in gardening. Visiting plant stores and seeing what plants we don’t have and buying them, makes the gardeners happy. Many nurseries don’t grow plants professionally. They just replant them in any soil they have and the soil is not universal. Many soils are alkaline and few are acidic. Also, the water they use may also defer. Might be soft or hard. It’s wiser to be careful when we bring the plants and plant them into our media.

The ideal plant should have the roots lose enough to replant. But a lot of nurseries allow it to become hard. This makes the job difficult. If the soil is tight it might damage the roots when replanting.

The first step is to loosen the soil and pull the plants out without damaging the roots. For replanting, I recommend using Garden Soil. Because the soil will not have infections and also nutrients sufficient for the plant to root initially. If the soil is hard while replanting does not plant it directly. Remove the packet and wash the soil underwater to make the root lose. After making it loose place it in the planter that is ready with garden soil and fill the soil again.

Keep the garden soil moist so that the roots will get nourished when replanted. Do not keep the soil wet before rooting. This will make the root rot and the plant will ultimately die.

Keep it in moderate sunlight so that the plant will establish roots. The plant might take 5 to 10 days to establish roots in a new planter. If you find a new leaf coming then you are successful in replanting.

I will share more about what to do if the plant starts dying after replanting in the coming sessions.

Happy planting. Gardening is a hobby of patience and so I recommend you try it with patience.

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