When to repot your plants? – Trellis Bliss

When to repot your plants?


So there is this question we get asked quite often – When to repot the plants?

Here are the 3 scenarios when you really need to repot:

  1. When the plant has outgrown the pot

This is indicative when:

  • the plant is larger than the pot – double or triple in size
  • When the roots are poking out if the drain holes at the bottom
  • When the roots push the plant out of the planter
  1. Repot every 12-18 months

Yes, you need to repot your plants every 12-18 months depending on their growth levels. If a plant is not growing well, it makes sense to repot with fresh potting soil mix in a new planter. Summer or spring would be a good time to repot the plants

  1. Repotting new plants purchased from the nursery

We recommend repotting all the new plants purchased from the nursery. But don’t do it immediately!

After you have brought home the new plant, place it in the location you intend to keep and let it get used to the new environment for a minimum of 10-14 days before you repot them.

Thing to care while repotting: 

  • Be gentle with the roots. If the soil has hardened – wash it to loosen up
  • Use fresh soil – not the old used ones