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  • Trellis Bliss Plant Growth Booster

    Trellis Bliss Plant Growth Booster

    Trellis Bliss Plant growth Booster (1kg) | Natural Plant Growth fertilizer that is formulated for better growth of plants. This formulation can be applicable for all plants in general. The can help the growth of the plant WEIGHT 1 kg DIMENSIONS 18 × 26 cm

    Rs. 300.00Rs. 250.00

  • Trellis Bliss Bamboo H-Trellis

    Trellis Bliss Bamboo H-Trellis

    Trellis Bliss Bamboo H-Trellis| Plant Support for vining plants | Creeping Plant Support Our premium bamboo H Shaped trellis is all handmade, using high-quality bamboo. Very strong and flexible, durable for several seasons, so our potted plant support won’t be easily blown down by the wind, a climbing trellis can help take some weight off your plants like tomatoes or peppers. The bamboo H trellis provides support for small flower pots and many kinds of climbing plants such as Ivy, roses, clematis, jasmine, beans, peas, grapes, long-stemmed, and potted vegetables. The decorative garden H trellis adds height and variety to your lovely garden! It is an easy-install 100 cm H shaped garden trellis for potted plants, small Pot climbers. There is no need to assemble. Just open it and stick the trellis into the Ground or secure the trellis onto a wall, fence, or near a pot. Bamboo is an eco-friendly material. All bamboo canes are hand-selected and hand treated. The trellis is foldable and lightweight. Trellis Bliss is a full-service store to buy all kinds of organic gardening products online at incredible prices. You can also explore the other products on our website.FEATURES: This garden trellis is made of high-quality bamboo poles, which are durable and eco-friendly. And these bamboos had been heat-treated, to ensure stable good quality in use for a long time This potted plant support is designed for climbing potted fruits and vegetables such as Ivy, roses, clematis, jasmine, cucumbers, blackberry, vining flowers, beans, peas, long-stemmed, and potted vegetables This plant trellis provides continuous support while the plants grow and it can be folded when not in use WEIGHT 0.290 kg DIMENSIONS 28 × 100 cm

    Rs. 530.00Rs. 444.00

  • Aglaonema Lipstick

    Aglaonema Lipstick

    A Low light required plant beautiful for indoor | Single plant | Packed in root balls for easy plantingPrecaution for Usage Do not Over water Do not put it under rains Give light once in two weeks Precaution for Usage Used for Living rooms, balconies, Carparks, Shade nets 4″”, 7″” and 10″” planters can be used Packed in Root balls. Easy to replant.

    Rs. 400.00Rs. 365.00

  • Trellis Bliss the Plant box

    Trellis Bliss the Plant box

    Gardening Made Easy with The Plant Box! It includes everything you need to begin your gardening adventure! The current plant is Zee, Money Plant, Sanseviaria, Sygnonium Green which may change when the stock runs out. Our box includes: A healthy live Indoor Plant! A Rubber Planter that is 4 inches. (Color may vary, notify for specific color) A bag of our Enriched Garden soil mix that is ready to use, lightweight with excellent water retention and drainage capacity. A plant care card for you to maintain the plant easily by yourself! The kit enables children to develop a gardening habit. It will be a live souvenir on your friends’ table.It can also be a long time of remembrance for your loved ones and a lively companion for your grandparents. We have crafted it in such a way that you can just open the box. Take the planter and fill it with the soil given and pot the plant. It is that easy. It’s full filling to Do-It-Yourself. Bliss has made owning the first plant easy for you! Note: The planter is available in Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Brown, Magenta, Sky Blue The Plant is live, it may not look the same as in the picture.

    Rs. 700.00Rs. 549.00

  • Trellis Bliss 7″ Spiral Cane Ornamental Planter

    Trellis Bliss 7″ Spiral Cane Ornamental Planter

      Product Description : This planter is made with strudy canes crafted by our artisans. The cane sticks are rolled and tied to give a sturdy build and a rustic look. This comes with a removable liners made of JuteProduct Highlights : Trellis Bliss 7″ Spiral Cane Ornamental Planter | Indoor Plant Pot | With Liner. This planter is made from natural cane. Cane spirals are layered to form this planter. Comes with a removable jute liner making planting and maintenance easy and tidy. It also helps the garden soil in preventing the water from dripping.Product Speciality : Strongest planter Weight less Rustic & Natural Looks Dimensions: Dia: 7 Inches * Height: 7 Inches WEIGHT 0.500 kg DIMENSIONS 7 × 7 × 7 cm

    Rs. 1,080.00Rs. 899.00

  • Trellis Bliss Micro Green Kit

    Trellis Bliss Micro Green Kit

    Trellis Micro Green Kit is pack of items that can be used for growing micro green. Easy to grow and consume 100% Natural Easy to install and use

    Rs. 700.00Rs. 599.00

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